7 months ago, we (me and my lady, Kitty) were still struggling to get a piece of that nice Christmas tinsel that glitters so lovely…

and mainly because we couldn’t we have just comfort one pushed against the other. That’s how this started…


brutus and marco polo

themselves, Marco Polo and Brutus…

marco polo with "pillow" brutus

M.P. & Brutus

and that’s not quite all…

Robin Hood

exactly, his Royal Highness, Robin Hood.

sometimes we fight…

sometimes we don’t…

and just like to show our talents watched with great care by a higher authority (yes, mummy 🙂 )

shoe looks fine.                                      i’m blured…

i’m not…

and we feel just fine together

and like to pose so muuuuuuch…

 Marco Polo




Robin Hood


sometimes we feel trapped

that’s why we value freedom a lot.             run, baby, ruuuun!!!


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